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Best Widex Hearing Aid Brands For Hearing Problem

Widex Hearing Aid Company established in 1956 and almost fifty years manufacturing hearing aid. It is based in Denmark and its operation of hearing aid in 100 countries. Widex develop first digital hearing aid technology which is best in industry. They are focusing in the ear hearing and wireless technology with quality. Main objective of company provide with latest hearing aid technology and customer service.

Widex hearing aid understands however vital hearing is to the standard of life. Knowing each hearing impairment may be totally different, they try to form hearing aids capable of serving to each individual hear higher.

Widex has several models of hearing aids that area unit accessible in many totally different technology levels and designs. Widex has given a number of their hearing aid designs branded names. For instance, Fusion is their receiver-in-the-ear (RITE) vogue, Passions their mini-RITE, Fashion is their behind-the-ear (BTE) type and XP is their in-the-ear (ITE) type hearing aid.

Following this naming convention, Widex hearing aids area unit known by the merchandise cognomen, technology level and therefore the name of the fashion. For instance, you would possibly be match with a UNIQUE440 Fusion or a DREAM 220 XP. Widex additionally has an invisible-in-the-canal (IIC) hearing aid referred to as the micro-CIC. The BTE and Receiver in the ear designs area unit accessible in an exceedingly rainbow of color choices.

Most of the Widex hearing aid product families have merchandise in as several as four performance levels. These levels correspond to cost purpose and level of sophistication. The 440 level is ideal for technology savvy wearers who have active, rigorous life-style and a good style of listening desires starting from quiet voice communication to high-powered business conferences and animated gatherings in creaky venues.

 The 330 and 220 levels area unit fitted to wearers who might not have the foremost rigorous listening desires or whose typical listening things area unit a lot of predictable and fewer creaky or noisy. These levels supply many advanced options for several wearers. the foremost basic a 110 level is adequate for wearers whose area unit less socially active or who pay most of their time enjoying one-on-one or tiny cluster conversations in quiet settings and observation TV.

Widex hearing aid is helpful for pediatric and tinnitus solution.


  • BEYOND: Available in Receiver in the ear(RITE) and technology level available 220,330 and 440 power.
  • UNIQUE: Behind the Ear(BTE),Receiver in the Ear(RITE),mini-RITE, Completely in the Canal(CIC),Invisible in the Canal(IIC) and technology level 110,220,330 and 340.
  • DREAM:BTE,RITE,mini-RITE,ITE and CIC and technology available in 110,220,330,and 440
  • SUPER: RITE, Super Power hearing aid used for Severe to profound hearing loss. Technology available in 220 and 440.
  • BABY:RITE for child or infants and technology available 440.
  • CROS/BiCROS: RITE, mini-BTE, Used for single sided deafness and technology available in 440. 


In addition to an innovative line-up of Widex hearing aids, Widex offers alternative helpful technology and accessories to boost the wearer’s expertise. These merchandise include:

  • RC-DEX remote
  • Com-DEX, Uni-DEX, and Phone-DEX solutions to be used with mobile phones provide discreet, high-quality sound streaming on to hearing aids
  • Phone-DEX phone line phone streams sound to hearing aids and may be utilized by the entire family
  • TV-DEX for streaming sound from your TV to hearing aids
  • T-DEX neck loop created for connecting with hearing aids’ telecoils
  • SCOLA FM system to be used in school rooms, lecture halls, and alternative public venues


  • Widex hearing aid can hear full spectrum of sound with clarity
  • Reduce background noise in crowd.
  • All hearing aid made for comfortable suit in the ear.
  • Beyond series made for iPhone connection easily.
  • Best hearing aid for tinnitus solution.

For more information about Widex Hearing Aid prices and features visit our Blue Bell Plus Speech and Hearing Clinic.

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