Unitron Hearing Aid

Unitron hearing aid company is part of Sonova Group. It was established in 1964 almost fifty years completed in hearing aid manufacturing. It is Canadian hearing aid manufacturer and worldwide operation head office located in Waterloo in Canda.The best designing approach are simple and enjoyable. Each device is very comfortable wearing long day and small size hearing aids available.

 Unitron Hearing Aid offers many product families every containing totally different performance levels. Like alternative makers, the upper performance levels have the foremost subtle options and are available with a better retail worth.

•        Moxi – This product family consists of 4 receivers within the canal (RIC) instruments as well as the Moxi currently, Moxi Fit, Moxi Kiss and Moxi dura mater. The instruments area unit different sizes and provide slightly different options for many each hearing disorder and preference. the latest member of the Moxi family is that the Moxi work R, a small reversible RIC instrument.

•        Stride – created from 3 behind the ear (BTE) hearing aids with totally different levels of power, a full line of within the ear (ITE) hearing aids, and 5 technology levels, Stride is Unitron’s most versatile line.

•        Max – Consisting of 2 ancient BTE models and offered in 3 technology levels, the liquid ecstasy line is specifically designed for individuals with severe and profound hearing disorder.


Pediatric, specialty and Tinnitus symptom product created by Unitron


Unitron hearing aid doesn’t provide product solely in gear towards infants, toddlers, and teens. However, their BTE product area unit equipped with some options which will be useful for the medicine population like direct audio input (DAI), essential for room learning.

Unitron hearing aid offers a singular feature known as Flex that permits associate interactive try-before-you-buy made-to-order expertise excellent for first-time hearing aid wearers. The Flex program additionally offers straightforward technology upgrades and also the ability for wearers to produce period of time feedback regarding their hearing aid expertise on to their hearing attention skilled employing a Smartphone app. Flex will facilitate suppliers higher accommodate your preferences.

All technology levels and every one product families offered by Unitron hearing aid contain a symptom masking feature which will, with the steering of your hearing care skilled, assist you overcome symptom and create it less noticeable whereas you’re carrying your hearing aids.


Feature Advantage Benefits
  • Unitron Hearing Aid come in all shapes in size
  • World class smallest hearing aid in Moxi Series.
  • Two main style is popular Behind the ear and In the ear.
  • Hearing aid design is very attractive and good fitting.
  • Noise reduction facility.

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