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starkey hearing aid is complete SOLUTION for Tinnitus,Pediatric and Advance Technology:

Starkey Hearing Aid is founded by Mr Austin in 1967.He was started small hearing aid repair store after dropping medical school. It is world Leader Company manufacturing in hearing aid and their main objective is to bring people together and makes live richer by empowering the individual. Hearing Aids can provide valuable benefits to improve your quality life hear better in situations like gathering family, friends and connected with them through hearing aids.

Starkey Hearing aid Technologies is way quite simply the hearing technology they develop; they’re within the business of serving to people reconnect and alter their lives. Their philosophy drives them to supply an associate array of hearing aids to assist everybody notice devices to suit their wants.

Starkey has many product families with a spread of technology levels and designs. Their latest merchandise area unit Smartphone compatible and equipped with Acuity Immersion directivity to enhance speech audibleness in hissing things. Muse ratio merchandise area unit a family of hearing aids that includes wireless capabilities for connecting to different audio devices, as indicated by the “i” within the technology level, offered in many worth points and designs. The Halo ratio merchandise even has wireless capabilities; these devices area unit specifically branded as “Made for iPhone.” Starkey hearing aid is additionally far-famed for its invisible-in-the-canal (IIC) hearing aid, known as SoundLens natural action ratio.

Here’s, however, Starkey describes the technology levels for his or her Muse hearing aids:


  •   i2400 or Premium: this is often acceptable for hearing aid wearers with terribly hissing lifestyles,  defrayment time      in environments like crowds, cars, and live theater.  
  •   i2000 or Advanced: this is often acceptable for hearing aid wearers with hissing lifestyles, which incorporates              defrayment time at parties and malls, or operating in busy offices.
  •   i1600 or Select: this is often acceptable for hearing aid wearers with less busy lifestyles, United Nations agency          area unit largely in one-on-one communication settings, like conferences, restaurants or worship.
  •   i1200 or Low: This level is suited to people who fancy quiet, sure lifestyles with few communications          demands.
  •    i1000 or Basic: This is a basic hearing aid and the cheapest hearing aid segment with silent lifestyle and   one to one conversation in a quiet setting.


In Starkey Multiflex Tinnitus technology useful for tinnitus masking by Audiologist.Muse, Halo2 and SoundLens Synergy helps in tinnitus hearing aid solution.In Pediatric Starkey hearings aid offers in Muse and Halo2 high comes in same technology with power and non-power option.


Starkey great assortment and dealing with hearing aid accessories TrueLink app connect to Halo2 through iPhone.Surflink Mobile 2 and Surflink media connect through external device mobile phone, audio, and Television.


Starkey Hearing aid Product Line


  • Muse iQ: Available different hearing aid style like Micro Receiver in the canal(Micro-RIC), Mini Behind the ear(Mini-BTE), In the Ear(ITE), In the Canal (ITC), Completely in the Canal (CIC).

   Technology Level-i2400,i2000,i1600

  • Halo iQ: Available in Receiver in Canal (RIC) Technology Level-i2400,i2000,i1600
  • SoundLens Synergy iQ: Available in Invisible in Canal (IIC) Technology Level-i2400,i2000,i1600
  • Muse: Micro RIC,Mini BTE ,ITE,IIC and CIC Technology Level-Tinnitus feature available all level
  • Halo 2: Available in RIC and all powers available
  • Muse: micro-RIC available in all power.
  • Z series,3 Series,Wi series,X Series available in BTE for Pediatric solution all power choice.
Feature Advantage Benefits
  • Starkey Hearing aid connect directly to your iPhone and TV
  • It is very smallest custom fit hearing aid and totally invisible for other people.
  • The best todays hearing technology is make listening in noisy environment with sound clarity.
  • Let you talk your phones hands free.
  • Make a strong communication in relationship.
  • Easily handling and emotional stability creation.
  • More social participation and confidence.

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