Best Sonic Hearing Aid brands in india

Sonic hearing aid is a U.S based manufacture company, who invent hearing aid device for better life and lives are improved through better hearing. Since 1998 all sonic partners, distributor and associates working hard on quality products and service. Globally sonic network representing in 25 countries and focuses on development of product for better clarity than any competitor. Sonicaid has 4S product philosophy which helps for sound that is natural, Speech intelligibility, Simplicity in use and Stylish design to ensure that with Sonic Hearing Aid Company.

Sonic Hearing Aid Prices & Products

Sonic Hearing aid literally changes the person’s life. When you finally come after hearing test then you have good choice for sonic hearing aids better hearing with good clarity.Sonic innovation always gives best sound quality in Hearing aid product line.Sonic hearing aid prices compare to other brands always lowest with latest technology and advance feature.

  • Sonic Enchant
  • Sonic Celebrate
  • Sonic Cheer
  • Sonic Journey
  • Sonic Charm
  • Sonic Pep
Feature Advantage Benefits
  • Sound DNA-The powerful technologies on the Sound DNA.It helps to detect each listener’s auditory world, keeping speech clear, keep noise at minimum and make sound natural.
  • Smart compress feature use for intelligent amplification in noise.
  • Spin Management technology
  • Binaural Noise Management balance hearing wirelessly from side by side.
  • Shift high frequency input to frequencies for better hearing.
  • Adds low frequencies into direct audio stream.
  • Extended dynamic range help for clarity of loud speech.
  • Adapts to changing volumes for greater enjoyment of live music.
  • Tinnitus sound support.
  • Dual radio system.
  • Best feature is adaption manager for gradually increases sound setting for adjust new patient for hearing aid use.
Technology Overview

Sonic hearing aid technology that keeps sound natural every day and improves speech clarity understanding in noisy environment. Sonic hearing aids are built on speech variable processing. In this technology binaural processing and the convenience of wireless connectivity.

  • Speech variable processing is a very active technology and fast to measure amplification of sound. It always help keep sound natural and clear.
  • Noise reduction system helps for remove unwanted sound, irritating sound and control the sound. Less noise means better understanding and comfort. In this Impulse noise reduction, Soft noise reduction and wind noise reduction available for better clarity.
  • Directional system helps people focus their listening on the things they want to listen.
  • Adaptive feedback canceller.
  • Frequency Transfer

Now day’s Sonic Hearing aid is favorite of many patients and upgrading their hearing aid with Sonic.

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