Signia Hearing Aid

Signia hearing aid is part of Sivantos Group. Signia is a part of Siemens company and many people finding Signia Siemens online. It is one of top manufacturing company in the world. Complimentary accessories of hearing aid, fitting software; diagnostic solution is a part of this group manufacturing. Today five thousand associates working in twenty five countries. Signia has launch “Signia touch control” system for android smart phone-apple phone. Signia touch control in your hand so it helps for programming of hearing aid and no external hardware require. Data transmission via ultra high frequency signal with operating range of one meter. Signia-Siemens hearing aid available in all style IIC, ITC, ITE and BTE. In Signia popular models are Signia Primax, Signia Cellion,Pure Primax and has good feature available like noise reduction facility,Multi channels for sound control. Signia hearing aid price or cost depends on what feature requirement, your lifestyle and budget.

Signia Hearing Aid Product line.

  • Pure 312 NX
  • Pure 13 NX
  • Motion 13 NX
  • Pure 13 BT
  • Pure Primax
  • Cellion
  • Motion
  • Silk
  • Insio
  • Intius 3
  • Lotus Family
Feature Advantage Benefits

When hearing loss happen then affects your natural hearing experience. Signia hearing aid has good features and benefits.

  • Pure 312 Nx has the smallest hearing aid for natural sounding of own voice.
  • Hearing application helps for self programming.
  • Full control in your hand of Signia Hearing aid
  • The right application can make function of hearing aid more accessible.
  • World class hearing aid technology direct connect of iPhone and TV
  • Your Hearing aid comfortable, nearly invisible and effortless.
  • Soft and gentle sounds that take away the annoyance of tinnitus.

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