Tips for Vocal Hygiene

How to precaution take  for Voice Disorder and tips for vocal hygiene.




BreathingMake sure Enough air to say.Try not to speak to the very end of breath.
PostureSit and Stand with correct posture for good vocal voice.A slouched posture may contribute to poor respiratory support which may ultimately affect voice.
Nose BreathingBreathing through your nose cleans warm and moistens the air before it reaches your vocal fold.Avoid breath through mouth exceptionally in cold weather.
VoiceTake break in continuous talking.Avoid using voice that is too loud.
TalkingTake break in continuous talking.Avoid excess talking.
Vocal warm-upTake a few minutes to build form a normal tone to be more forceful. This is helpful for larynx blood circulation.Avoid forceful voice.
FluidConsume much water or fluids enhance mucous production of throat and control vocal stress.Avoid smoking, alcohol ,chewing tobacco.

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