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Stammering Treatment Center in Pune: Stammering has also known as stuttering and it is purely related to the speech problem or speech disorder in child or adult. In that case patient speech disturbs and many repetitions of word prolong word used at the time of speak. In stuttering or stammering, they cannot produce sounds normally always difficult to produce sound.

Stuttering or stammering is a disorder of selection; initiation and execution of motor sequence for creating effective speech fluency. Then definitely create fear to enunciate specific vowels or consonant, many times happen in parties or social meetings, stress, feeling shame when they speak. People fail interview due to stammering issues and no idea about the stammering treatment center in Pune or Stammering center in Pune. Childern also not grow in academic due to stuttering or stammering problem. In world 1% people of the population facing the same stammering or stuttering problem. It is variable when people are talking in phone or group they start stammer. Fear or stress is not a problem of stammering it is a speech disorder in adult or child.

Stammering Symptoms: It is speech disfluency, including repeating sounds, syllable word or phrases.

  • When speaking repeating the word (un-un-under-p-please-op-open).
  • Whole word repetition “you know-you know- you know about the nation.)
  • Sound prolongation –mmmmmmmmmu-Mummy.
  • Lip smacking.
  • Blocking and pause while speaking.

Stammering Treatment-Center-in Pune: Stammering people speech is easy to listen by the listener to detect, dignosing stuttering or stammering good experiences speech pathologist or therapist require for the stammering treatment in Pune.

  • Assess the patient through direct observation with one and one.
  • Get individual information through question, background or medical history previous.
  • In children ask to parent through conversation and direct observation through speech patterns of the child pattern.
  • Goals of assessment are that weather speech disorder or disfluency exists for further stammering treatment planning.

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