stammering-stutter cause and treatment


 Stammer and stuttering is a condition where the person has to trouble in enunciated spoken word or disfluency in language. The best example of Hollywood and Bollywood actors those who suffer in stammer or stuttering issue before acting. Bruce wills, Nicole Kidman, Hrithik Roshan is the familiar actor of an industry facing the stammering problem from childhood and overcome the problem and become the best actor in the film industry.

Stammering start from your childhood stage between two to five years. This is the language development correct age for children and most actively develop language skills. In a stammering repetition of the word –sound, syllable, phrases, whole word-pauses taking while speaking. It means that is severe difficulty in communication. Stammer or stuttering can affect a person’s self-esteem, interaction with each other or group, hesitation in school while speaking, impede their educational skill, professional hamper their potential in the organization.

  • Stammers are universal in the world and 1% population suffering stammer issues.
  • Recoveries are very slow and more efforts from sufferer for a cure.
  • Two stammer person never same, everyone stammers is different and stammers differently.
  • Every stammer has individual treatment by Speech and Language Pathologist.
Causes of Stammering:

 Stammering is a genetic problem said by neuroscience expert. Stammer people have a close family member who is suffering stammer problem or used to stammer, example identical twin. As per genetic science one gene linked with stammering and it is linked to language acquisition rather than stuttering or stammering.

Brain scans of individuals who stammer have shown cut activity within the areas of the brain wherever the sound is processed, and outstandingly high activity within the areas of the brain that facilitate speech. It’s thought that this might mean stammerers expertise interference within the sound and speech process areas that consequently results in a stammer.

Stammering is additionally powerfully related to stress – several stammerers can notice that their stammer gets worse after they are nervous, tired, excited, or an unfamiliar scenario unarticulated in itself will have an effect on stress levels during a vicious cycle-type situation. Stress can create unarticulated worse, and successively, the stutterer gets even a lot of stressed or embarrassed concerning not having the ability to speak fluently, that the stammer gets worse. As a result, people that stammer typically suffer from shallowness and timorousness problems.

Stammering Cure or Treatment:

  A speech-language therapist will help you for improving stuttering related issue. Before preschool treatment useful for child fast recovery in speaking disorder. A speech therapy treatment helps in language development, learning, and social relationship. Speech and Language therapist will create a healthy atmosphere for the patient, encourage parent and gives right techniques for improvement.

Stammers or stuttering is speaking disorder and there is no medication for a cure. It is treated by the speech pathologist with proper assessment about family history, pediatric reports or any medical history through question and answer. After assessment suggest best treatment plan for stammer or stutter cases in center.

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