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Blue bell plus is the best speech therapy center in Pune. Speech therapist in Pune focuses on the diagnosis, management and treatment of problems that affect one’s ability to speak and / or understand and use language. At the clinic, services are provided to children who fail to develop normal communication or adults who acquire communication disabilities as a result of disease, injury or a stroke. Intervention is also provided for swallowing and feeding difficulties. 

In our clinic Speech therapist in Pune selected and result oriented work done. Timely given feedback to their parent and school. Best speech therapist in Pune available in our clinic only with dedicated effort for child language development skill, autism with personnel care.

How does speech therapist in pune?

·         If your babies have difficulty in swallowing and feeding then definitely speech therapist help you.

·         In Children has mild, moderate and severe difficulty in learning then best speech therapy techniques will help you.

·         Speech delay in child and has difficulty in producing specific sound at the time of talking.

·         If your child has stammering issue.

·         Cleft Palate

·         Social interaction difficulty in autism spectrum child.

·         Voice therapy and voice disorder.

·         Hearing impairment.

Above problem diagnosis first need assessment of child for right techniques for quick result. Speech therapist in Pune always help to parent for quick result. But in that situation parent need patience level because it will change only practice and exercise only. Speech therapist is not use any homeopathy and medication for speech therapy or communication skill improvement in child.

In Blue Bell plus Speech Therapy and Hearing Care has best certified speech therapist with great experience in child handling. We are handling adult speech problem, stammering, Speech delay,learning difficulties, hearing impairment.

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