Blue Bell Plus Speech and Hearing Clinic provide diagnostic ,treatment and group therapy services for children  with Audiology and Communication disorder .These problems directly affected the Child development .We emphasize early diagnosis  and early  intervention ( Age 1 to 2.5 Yr) Children develop  Speech, Language and Hearing at different levels, but children’s  reach defined milestone by certain age. You should speak your child  specialist when there are concern about Speech and Hearing .Below are the point mention

    • A child does not respond sound.
    • A child has poor voice quality
    • An Infant does not jump or move to a loud sound
    • An infant does not babble to sounds by the age of 8 months.
    • A child does not say any words by the age of 1 to 2 year.

Our Comprehensive evaluation services including  screening for Hearing , Speech ,BERA, Impedance, Audiometry test for new born babies. We can also provide treatment for Autistic Children.

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