Introduction of Occupational Therapy In Pune

Occupational therapy in pune will definately help for child development through daily activity and exercises.It will help you for adaptation in daily life like schooling preparation, independantly eating, othera activities. In this treatment doctor is completed Bachelor of Occupational therapy


( BOPTh) five years course. It has Medical Council Of India (MCI) registration for practice. It will help you in learning disability,Autism,ADHD,Sensory Integration Problems,Motor Muscle development. Occupational therapy doctors will help with the rehabilitation of children. If you want to search for occupational therapy in Pune then you are suitable plateform first you understand occupational therapists and occupational therapy in Pune.

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    Occupational Therapy In Pune: Who needs occupational therapy

    If your child facing issue in daily life like school readiness, attention and sitting problem, Learning issue or any developmental delay. Occupational therapist it might help for independant life, Physical need, social interaction and bonding,Learning disability and developmental issue.

    • Motor Skills. 

    It is skill related to child fingers,toes,wrist,toung and lips. If your child has the problem with this body parts then there is fine motor skills issue in your child. 

    When your child is eating something but facing problem with pick up or holding spoon then there is requirement of occupational therapist doctor for strengthening the part for his or her daily routine of life.

    • Balance Control.

    Balance is most importan for any human.When you are walking or doing some activities then your balance should be appropriate otherwise make injuries happen with you. 

    In occupational therapy called as gross motor skills for strengthening,Developmnet and balancing body while in activity.If your child facing problem while staircase up down,missing coordination in body. Left and right difficulties while going or balance in playing ball throw or pick up.

    • Sensory Issues

    Sensory is nothing but the sense information throug our sensory organs.Just like that sound from our ear,smell from nose,taste from tongue and touch feel from our skin.

    If your child is oversensitive then has some issue in sensory organs.If you touching then he react you immediately.Easily distraction happen when sound listen.Constantly moving,jumping and crashing immediately.When he is upset then unable to calm.

    • Oromotor Sensory

    Oral motor is related to mouth of child. In this oral sensory parts are control the oral muscle activity.Lips,jaw,tounge and palate are the major part of oral motor skills.

    This oral muscle has problem then child does excessive drooling, chewing problem,sucking problem, Not eating well feeling tiredness while eating.Occupational therapy in pune will help you assess your child and give strengthening in oral muscle.

    • Social Communicaton Skills

    This skill helps to child understand people around us and build good relationship.This may very helpful for working in groups and new learning from each others and future development.

    You child has lack of social skill then he is not interacting with family members and peers. Speech delay is lead to difficulties in social skills.He/She can’t adjust in school environment.Our occupational therapy in pune. will definately helps in social skill improvement through group activity.

    • Development Delay

    If your child has developmental issue in some age milestones. There are common signs during a specific age or during a certain  time period.

    A developmental delay, on the other hand, is more than just being a bit behind other children in one skill; it is being behind in a variety of talents or failing to reach developmental goals.

    crawling, walking, and sitting at a certain age. Social and academic learning difficulties.The best treatment available our occupational therapy in Pune.

    • Learning Problem

    If your child is at an appropriate age of schooling and facing a problem then you take consultation of the occupational therapist in pune.

    Unable to give attention in school and has difficulty in focus. Very hyperactive and low energy easily distracted from anything. You might be serious about child’s future for learning. Contact our occupational therapy in pune.

    Occupational therapy activity in pune

    Occupational Therapy In Pune What Do They Do

    We discussed that an occupational therapist is a healthcare professional who gives you therapy techniques and improves your child’s ability in cognitive, motor skills, and sensory issues. The doctor will help to do daily activities very efficiently.

    In general occupational therapy in Pune plays a wide range of duties and tasks for the improvement of your child’s health in ADHD and autism. In order to maintain all therapy protocols and the roles of occupational therapists include

    1. Detailed assessment of your child’s demographic, family history, recent condition, and needs.
    2. After assessment builds a fruitful plan for the right treatment and patient need.
    3. Assess the adaption skill at home and school then guide to parent on how to handle it. 
    4. Help patients become independent in life with the right treatment.
    5. Give training through the daily activity with occupational therapy equipment.
    6. Perform weekly analysis and discussion with the caretaker for further action.
    7. Closely monitor the hyperactive patient and take precautions while handling.

    The day-to-day activity plan by the occupational therapist and implemented as per the need of the patient. Always motivated parent for improvement and fast result. Ultimately occupational therapist is a guide to the parent. He or She gives you a session of 45 minutes but parents should focus and help with Occupational therapy in Pune for fast results.

    What is occupational therapy in pune for kids


    As discuss above occupationa therapist is a helthcare professional and help for patient to do perform daily activity independanty.It is fully focus on patient approach to the mental and phyical ability.


    Once assessment done then therapist prepare plan for the patient who needs treatment.It will helps for schooling and achieve development milestone.


    • For Autism and ADHD in child then occupational therapist helps to improve sensory,attention,gross motor and sound sensitivity.
    • Child facing problem in schooling like pen holding or writing issue.
    • It will help for feeding and toilet training of your child.
    • Fine motor skill or gross motor skills like walking,balencing and picking small object issue
    • It can help for special child for improve social skill through activity.
    • Occupational therapist child for independence and schooling.

    Occupational therapy in pune can takes care of all of the – physical, mental, social and environmental and physical needs of the child. The occupational therapy can bring a actual difference in a child’s life by renewing the sense of independence and self-esteem. Our occupational therapists in pune  work with children of all ages with a wide range of conditions be it physical, mental or emotional. 


    Occupational Therapy in Pune For Autism


    Your child facing some developmental issue and you visit your child specialist then after some clinic visit the dignosis finds that mild autism. Then first parents do the reasearch on occupational therapy for autism.


    Autism is a disability like your child facing behavioural issue,speech delay or communication problem,social issue while playing or interacting with family.

    All many primary features like sensory,motor and gross motor skills issues.


    Once assess your child then occupational therapis make therapy plan for Autism.The problem idetifies then gives right treatment for patients.


    • Sensory Integration Therapy
    • Motor Musle And Gross Muscle 
    • Auditory Sensory 
    • Tactile System Therapy
    • Vestibular System Therapy
    • Visual System
    • Olfactory sense
    • Gustatory Sense
    • Social Skills And Group Therapy
    • Cognitive behavioral therapy
    • Daily living activities therapy
    • Sports And Recration Play

    Pediatric Occupational Therapy OR Pediatric Occupational Therapy Near Me

    Paediatric occupational therapy in pune  is start between 2-10 years whos has symptom of ADHD or Autism. Our aim is to improve independacy of your child in terms of fine motor skills,deressing,toilet, sensory problem and self care independantly.

    As child grow and develop they may experiance some development issues, both as a result of a diagnosed condition and environmental condition or biological influences. Child may be not meeting their developmental milestones at the right time, compared to other classmates, or be struggling in school with handwriting or in School, which can worry a parent. Our occupational therapist well experiance for helping your child through one to one evaluation and give you better treatment plan.

    In our pediatric occupational therapy in pune center we care your child and help for better future with our expert techniques and guidance.People also looking for Pediatric occupational therapy near me

    Top 5 Occupational Therapy Activities For Autism

    Many occupational therapist recommanded comman prpblem in child that is sensory and motor skills. The main feature of occupational therapy is to perform daily activity independantly. In our occupational therpay in pune center will guide you for future ready child with tactice and best practices in occupational therapy treatment. Please check below five activity for occupational therapy.

    Occupational therapy vs Physiotherapy

    It is very difficult to judge occupational therapy vs physiotherapy.Both are working for the rehabilitation set up.Both are working towards body mobilization but the goals are different for achievement. In this instance physiotherapy work or involving for body movement where as occupational therapy focuse on techniques that helps to perform daily activity for occupations.

    Both occupational therapy vs physiotherapy have very different terms and conditon related to treatment for improving quality of life.Physiotherapy focus on gross motor skill for gait whild occupational therapy focus on fine motor skill.

    Physiotherapy working area

    • Functional mobility
    • Endurance
    • Orthotics and equipment training
    • Pain relief
    • Gait mechanics
    • Gross motor skills
    • Motor control and planning
    • Flexibility
    • Strength
    • Balance & coordination
    • Body awareness
    • Wound care

    Occupational Therapy In Pune Working Area

    • Self-care tasks
    • Executive functioning
    • Sensory processing abilities
    • Visual-spatial awareness
    • Gross motor skills
    • Cognitive skills
    • Body awareness
    • Visual-motor integration
    • Fine motor skills
    • Attention
    • Motor planning/ praxis
    • Hand-eye coordination

    Speech and Occupational Therapy Near Me OR Occupational Therapy In Pune

    Many of the parent want to save their time and want all therapy will get in a single roof. This is very helpful to parent and child.We are providing best speech and occupational therapy near me by the parent demand. We have best experties in occupational theapy and speech therapy. If you any query or doubt ask our executive for further information and book your slot today.

    Conclusion of occupational therapy

    Occupational therapy in pune services are  provided to persons with disabilities contribute significantly in improving satisfaction and empowering their functional perform ance and everyday living skills in terms of independence, safety, and quality. Occupational therapy works in adhd and autism cure treatment. OT will help child for selfdependant and schoold preparation. It is work fine motor skills,sensory integration and cognitive skill.

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