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On your first visit in Hearing Center to an Audiologist start asking about medical and hearing history. This history called as case history. In hearing evaluation the audiologist will take look into your ears with pen lite or an Otoscope and check for anything in the ear canal that might affect the test results or require referral to your doctor .Finally the audiologist will conduct test to assess.

  • Whether there is hearing loss
  • Cause of Hearing loss
  • The degree and configuration of hearing loss
  • Best treatment of option

A variety of tests may be accustomed determine and diagnose a deafness. the tactic used depends partly on the age of the individual and different factors.

  • 1 Pure Tone Testing
  • Speech Testing
  • Test of the Middle Ear
  • Auditory Brainstem Response(ABR)
  • Otoacoustic Emission (OAEs)

We have different of styles are available, so it is important to work with your audiologist to evaluate your needs and your work style. The best hearing aid will depend on the nature of your lifestyle, type of work, and your leisure activities.  As per your hearing loss the hearing aid be adjusted and program to provide best hearing clarity for best performance given as per your need.Blue bell plus is the centre who resolve all hearing issue with latest hearing aid technology.


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