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Ear Specialist in Pune at Blue Bell Plus focus and diagnose Ear, Nose and Throat condition in pediatric and adult. This include problem of hearing and deafness, ringing in ear called as Tinnitus. Noses are stuffy and runny all time, tonsil and adenoid problem.

An ENT or ear specialist should completed Medical Degree from a reputed medical college of India and ten year expertise in ear,nose throat medical surgical treatment.


 Pain in ears: If you ear pain in both ear and irritable.It may be continuously constant,coming,burning or sharp.
The reason might be ear infection,accident,medication so immediately contact nearby specialist for the pain relief and treatment.
Hearing Loss: It is disorder comes from aging or in youngster due to heredity,medication or any other reason.First you need to check the screening that is called PTA test from our ear specialist treatment in pune for the hearing disorder. In babies after birth you need to do OAE test for ear response.
Discharge coming from Ears :  It is breakdown in eardrum causes white,yellowish discharge from ear.This is majorly found in child case so in that case you need to take care of child for the rupture of eardrum. 
Feeling Dizzy: If you feeling unbalance while walking then immediately contact ear specialist.
Ringing in ears: It is also called tinnitus and the sound is very irate to person.In tinnitus sound like buzzing,chirping,whistling continuously and sometimes people not stable and going to suicide also.In that case ear specialist will masking through hearing aid to reduce the sound.
Many people complaining like that
” I have hole in my ear”
“My child is speaking properly”
“My child keep inside the ear and crying”
Above complain coming from the patient so first treatment is that you need to take precaution and aware about the scenario.
Our ear specialist in pune always helps for such kind of issue with the best treatment plan.



best ear specialist facilities in pune

Our Ear Specialist in Pune expertise in all Ear problem issue with the right analysis and diagnosis.

  • OPD service by appointment.
  • Routine Ear Check up
  • Wax Removal
  • Nose and Throat diagnosis and medication
  • Audiometry-Hearing Test
  • Hearing Aid dispense
  • BERA
  • Impedance
  • Pediatric Audiometry
  • Speech Therapy by Audiologist
  • Cochlear Implant Therapy.

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