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Today best Hearing aid price in India range from approx 2000 to 8000 basic model in India, depending upon what kind of technology required. In this case, several factors contribute to the hearing aid price including research and development, customization made through taking proper ear impression by an audiologist to fit the user, manufacturing cost, technology and feature and time spent audiologist who select, fit, programme for adjusting the hearing aid. Advanced hearing aid technology means that much function in hearing aid and gives a choice as per your budget, hearing loss and lifestyle vary hearing aid price in India.

Our Audiologist will discuss in detail hearing test report and arrange free trial in your environment for correct selection hearing aid.As a patient, you will need to decide what type of hearing aid price and  style on your own individual need, circumstances, and pocket.

At Blue Bell Plus Pune we are independently own and operated. We offer you the best hearing solution from a wide range of different companies and stock available all brands and attractive best hearing aid price in  India brand like Sonic, Audio service, Oticon, Arphi, Starkey, Resound, Siemens, GN Resound, Widex.


At Oticon, People come first. This is often over simply a tagline – it’s a reminder of however vital hearing is to the standard of life. As a result of hearing and communication is measure thus vital for connecting as people, Oticon focuses on innovative, high-end technology and best hearing aid price in India to assist you to create the foremost of all of your relationships. Oticon offers a good style of hearing health product, as well as progressive hearing aids.

Oticon manufactures a full line hearing aid models all told sizes and value ranges. Their latest model is named Oticon Opn, and as of spring 2017, it’s offered in 3 levels: Oticon Opn one (premium and fully-featured), Opn two and Opn three. These levels create the advantages of Opn offered to a wider vary of customers. Opn hearing aids were designed to scale back noise all around the user to extend comfort and enhance the brain’s aptitude to select out speech signals. The Opn hearing aids are presently offered in an inconspicuous, miniature receiver-in-the-ear (RITE) type, a mini RITE with at-coil and a BTE for severe-to-profound hearing losses. Alternative current models factory-made by Oticon product line the Alta2, Nera2, and Ria2.


Sonic Innovations is a hearing aid manufacturer names in India is Listen up Pvt Ltd that procure to make every day sound better by providing the highest quality hearing aids that natural hearing sound. Formed in 1991in Utah to market hearing aid technology developed at Brigham Young University, the company was originally named Sonix Technologies. Initially, it was funded privately, and it was supported early on by Utah’s Centers of Excellence program. In 2000, it became publicly traded and now has U.S. headquarters in Somerset, New Jersey and a market presence in more than 25 countries.

The sonic company offers several product lines that include all hearing aid models and different performance levels to suit every hearing loss and best  hearing aid price in India as per budget.It focuses on natural sound quality.

  • Celebrate – This product family, the newest from Sonic, is made up of two different traditional behind the ear (BTE) hearing aids, one mini receiver in the ear (RITE) instrument and a full array of custom in the ear devices including a discreet invisible in the canal (IIC) instrument. Celebrate products are available in two high-end performance levels.
  • Cheer – Three traditional BTEs, one discreet RITE, and a full line of ITE hearing aids give you plenty of styles to choose from in the Cheer product family. This value-focused product line consists of three performance levels.
  • Journey – This is a product made exclusively for people with severe to profound hearing loss. This traditional BTE hearing aid is available in two mid-range performance levels to offer plenty of flexibility.
  • Bliss – Bliss offers a traditional BTE, a mini BTE and a full line of custom ITEs with a full range of features in two performance levels.
  • Charm – Like Bliss, the Charm product line is available in a BTE, a mini BTE and a full line of ITEs. You can choose from two value-focused performance levels.
  • Pep – This product line is designed for first-time wearers or those who have basic hearing needs. It is available in one value-priced performance level, and wearers can choose from a traditional BTE, power BTE or three custom ITE models.
  • Flip – Intended for discretion and easy fitting, Flip is a mini receiver in canal (RIC) instrument available in four performance levels.


Audio Service

Audio service is German-based Company and well experienced in a hearing system with the totally different style of hearing aid BTE, RIC, Open work with the advanced feature. Aboard its enticing style and sensible size, the small Connect Set options several spectacular extra functions. Likewise, as an enable connection to several alternative audio devices, it additionally offers a phone an audio input for exploitation FM systems. The small Connect Set also can be used with many transmitters at the same time.

An Bluetooth technology means that stereo quality with fully no wires. Audio service hearing aid costs vary the feature of hearing aid Bluetooth management, mobile station, phone coil, phone calls; hear Music, TV, and Audio Input. All TL series has wireless functionality and used in new micro connect set.


Phonak acknowledges however necessary hearing is to relish all aspects of life; thus, the corporate seeks to form easy-to-use and technologically advanced hearing aids and helpful listening devices to assist folks notice that enjoyment once more.

Phonak names their merchandise by the technology generation, with “B” indicating the newest technology. As an example, the newest receiver within the canal (RIC) product is named the Audeo B whereas a product name with a “V” indicates the previous generation. 

Recent introductions, Bolero B and Audeo B are obtainable as reversible models (Bolero B-R and Audeo B-R). These will be excellent for to avoid daily battery hassles and perennial battery purchases. Note – the RIC type is another name for the receiver within the ear (RITE) type. The company’s latest addition to the Audeo-B family, the Audeo B-direct, could be a RIC instrument that connects on to any Bluetooth-enabled in phone.


ReSound develops hearing technology to assist people to discover the sweetness of sound once more. a part of GN Store Nord and headquartered in Ballerup, Denmark, ReSound is delineated globally across quite eighty totally different countries.

ReSound creates hearing technology that helps people with hearing disorder hear a lot of, do a lot of and be quite they ever thought potential.

Like most hearing aid makers, ReSound offers a full style of the hearing aid assortment and technology levels to suit each want with enticing best hearing aid price in India. Additionally, ReSound incorporates a distinctive hearing aid vogue referred to as mike in a very helix (MIH), or remote mike. This vogue appears like AN in-the-canal hearing aid with a little arm that tucks into the ear’s helix, or the fold higher than the gap to the acoustic meatus. The arm may be a slender extension that homes the mike. ReSound describes this special style as a feature providing natural radial asymmetry, wind protection, and sound localization.

All of ReSound’s latest hearing aids embody created for iPhone (MFi) technology for simply connecting the hearing aids with mobile phones and MP3 players. The most recent product family from ReSound is termed LiNX 3D and includes a chargeable possibility exploitation ZPower technology.

ReSound’s LiNX 3D and Enzo 3D area unit equipped with ReSound Assist that, at the discretion of your hearing care supplier, provide a number of your follow-up fine standardization to be completed remotely with no have to be compelled to visit the workplace.


Siemens has been a sure whole within the hearing aid marketplace for over one hundred years. currently closely-held by the Sivantos cluster, they continue to be committed to innovative hearing technology in an exceedingly complete line of merchandise to fulfill each preference and wish. Sivantos has unbroken the well-respected Siemens brand for several of the hearing aids they manufacture, however they need conjointly recently introduced a new replacement whole brand known as Signia.

The flagship family of Signia product is made on an innovative new platform known as Primax that options several forward-thinking technologies.


Starkey Hearing Technologies is headquartered in Eden grassland, Minnesota, and contains an international presence in additional than eighteen countries. They perceive hearing is a crucial a part of connecting with the globe.

Starkey Hearing Technology is way over simply the hearing technology they develop; they’re within the business of serving to people reconnect and alter their lives. Their philosophy drives them to supply an array of hearing aids to assist everybody to realize devices to suit their desires with attractive hearing aid prices.

Starkey has many product families with a range of technology levels and designs. Their latest product area unit Smartphone compatible and equipped with noise reduction and to boost speech audible in clattery things. Muse iQ product area unit a family of hearing aids that includes wireless capabilities for connecting to alternative audio devices, as indicated by the “i” within the technology level, obtainable in many worth points and designs. The Halo iQ product even have wireless capabilities; these devices area unit specifically branded as “Made for iPhone.” Starkey is additionally famous for its invisible-in-the-canal (IIC) hearing aid, known as SoundLens synergy iQ.


Widex may be a family-owned hearing aid manufacturer based in Denmark in 1956. Today, the corporate will business in additional than one hundred countries worldwide and employs quite four thousand people. The company’s U.S.A. headquarters is found in Hauppauge, New York.

Widex has several models of hearing aids that are out there in many totally different technology levels and designs. Widex has given a number of their hearing aid designs branded names and hearing aid prices. As an example, Fusion is their receiver-in-the-ear (RITE) vogue, Passions their mini-RITE, Fashion is their behind-the-ear (BTE) vogue and XP is their in-the-ear (ITE) vogue hearing aid.

Following this naming convention, Widex hearing aids are known by the merchandise last name, technology level and therefore the name of the design. As an example, you would possibly be matched with a UNIQUE 440 Fusion or a DREAM 220 XP. Widex conjointly has associate invisible-in-the-canal (IIC) hearing aid known as the micro-CIC. The BTE and ceremony design are out there in an exceedingly rainbow of color choices.

Widex recently introduced their 1st generation created for iPhone hearing aids known as BEYOND.


Unitron makes every kind of hearing aids. They’re closely-held by Sonova cluster that conjointly owns Phonak thus their technology is comparable. During this hearing aid flex technology obtainable which may be upgraded in technology over the PC. for instance, parenthetically you bought the mid-level hearing aid technology possibility and that they worked nicely for your current scenario however it’ll modification automatic to employment wherever your listening demands were abundant larger, you’ll upgrade the hearing aids for the distinction is worth instead of ought to purchase new hearing aids. Unitron can usually embody accessories (such as dehumidifier kit, TV streamer, or remote microphone) as a part of the hearing aid purchase and good offers in best hearing aid price in India.

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