Adult Speech Problems

Speech disorder in Adults also called communication disorder, or voice disorder, It  is a condition in which you have difficulty in forming sounds. Speech disorder varies, from occasionally not being able to produce any sounds, to not being able to produce any sound at all.
Speech therapy process can help individuals with a range of speech disorder conditions, such as:

  • speech fluency problems
  • stuttering disorders
  • language issues
  • voice disorders, such as:
    • vocal cord nodules and polyps
    • vocal cord paralysis
    • spasmodic dysphonic
    • swallowing disorders, often a result of:
      • nervous system disorders
      • gastro esophageal reflex disease (GERD)
      • stroke
      • head or spinal cord injury
      • written language disorders
      • developmental disorders
    • Your speech therapist will create a program for you, including:
    • Therapy activities and tactics to help you develop proper grammar and sentence structure
    • Some exercises to help you strengthen and learn how to move your lips, mouth, and tongue to make certain sounds
    • communication methods, such as:
      • sign language
      • gestures
      • facial expressions
      • assistive technology

For certain result you may also have to practice exercises to strengthen your muscles for eating and swallowing, if you have trouble swallowing

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