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In-the-Ear-Hearing Aids

ITE is an In-the-Ear hearing aid type and also known as custom-made hearing aid. In the ear, hearing aid Audiologist take hearing aid impression as per your inner shape and then send to the lab for making good quality custom fit hearing aid to fit each individual ear exactly. IIC-Invisible-in-the-canal to full shell hearing aid also is the in the ear device.

In the ear hearing aid also called hidden hearing aid or invisible hearing aid and this in the ear hearing aid prefer professional people software professional, engineers, professor, and teacher. Many companies manufacture in the ear hearing aid Sonics, Starkey, Siemens, Signia, Widex, Phonak, Resound, Audioservice, Arphi with best custom fit in the ear hearing aids. These devices made as per your severity of hearing loss. Different companies have different power hearing aid as per suit your hearing loss.

The latest advance hearing aid technology that is a very small device to provide an optimal hearing, comfort and easy to wear. In the ear hearing aid suits to adult and child who suffers mild, moderate to severe hearing loss and make confidence for hearing live better life.

Advantage of in the ear hearing aids
  • In the ear hearing aid calls hidden or invisible hearing aid comes in a range of     different colors and match color your body tone.
  • Some people don’t want to show Hearing Aid user to others and prefer only ITE-In the ear hearing aid rather than BTE-Behind the ear aids.
  • Our Audiologist takes an impression and makes fine products for easy fitting with thread for easy wearing like lens or glassware.
  • In-the-Ear has cutting-edge technology that helps for noise reduction and directional sound technology for natural hearing.
  • Many companies give application for Android and Apple phone control that will patient do the programming adjustment himself and It is not necessary to go Hearing care clinics for programming.
  • It can connect MP3 and Bluetooth connectivity for the music lover and entertainment comfort.
  • In the ear hearing aid easy to handle and clean.

Blue Bell Plus is the best hearing aid center for the in-the-ear hearing aid with the latest technology and certified professional to help for assistance and personal care service after sales.

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