Behind-the-ear Hearing Aids

BTE-Behind the ear is a hearing aid style and available in Digital and Analog technology. In Behind the ear microphone, a electronic part that sits behind the ear and receiver attached with a tube that fits directly in the ear for receiving the sound. Different company has different features vary according to style, color, size, technology, and your need.

You want to more information you need to visit our center for free behind the hearing aid trial and hearing test from our Audiologist.

Traditional BTE Hearing Aids:
  • BTE has a tube or ear mold that connects to ear for delivering sound.
  • Appropriate for all degrees of hearing disorder, from delicate to profound
  • Ideal for people with a debilitating fear or excessive ear wax
  • This type is obtainable in many completely different sizes like a bigger size for power, a standard size, and a miniature size.
Open-Ear BTE Hearing Aids
  • Open fit behind hearing aid has a thin tube which connected receiver and fit in to the ear for sound receipt.
  • This type commonly works with domes, however, may also accommodate open custom ear molds.
  • Appropriate for delicate to moderate sloping hearing disorders with the bulk of the hearing loss targeted within the higher frequencies
  • This kind of hearing aids is obtainable in ancient and miniature BTE sizes
Receiver-in-the-Ear BTE Hearing Aids:
  • Fit behind the ear and area unit connected to skinny wires with receivers or loudspeakers that area unit placed within the ear canals
  • Appropriate for all degrees of hearing disorder, from delicate to profound
  • This kind of hearing aids is commonly worked with domes, however, may also accommodate custom ear molds
Behind the ear additional features Benefits
  • More natural sound and comfort with open fit benefit.
  • Available for tinnitus and pediatric solution.
  • Noise reduction facility that controls environmental sound gives more sound and speech clarity.                                                      
  • It is moisture resistant coating.
  • Hearing test from certified Audiologist.
  • Free Behind the ear hearing aid trial in your environment.
  • Two-year manufacturer warranty and insurance.
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