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Advance Hearing aid accessories supplier in pune

Blue Bell offers a large assortment Advance Hearing Aid Accessories supplier in Pune from world-leading suppliers, at the simplest costs in Pune. We provide cleansing kits, battery testers, ear lubricants, hearing aid domes, hearing aid receivers and wax management product from Oticon, Phonak, Widex, Siemens, Starkey, Unitron, Arphi and Audioservice. We tend to conjointly provide a whole vary of remote controls and wireless hearing aid accessories to regulate your hearing aids and to stream sound on to your hearing aids from your mobile, TV and laptop.

Advance hearing aid accessory always help listening device and day by day technology improving many touch control apps and wireless connectivity devices and launch many companies gives better hearing accessories. Hearing aid battery comes in hearing accessories.


In order to satisfy the assorted necessities of the purchasers, we are engaged in providing a good assortment of Hearing Aid accessory Battery like that Duracell, Power one with competitive value. All hearing aids need an influence supply to function. Unless your hearing aids use some kind of rechargeable technology, you’re going to need an ongoing provide of disposable hearing aid batteries. Hearing aid batteries are obtainable in four completely different sizes. From smallest to largest, these are: 10, 312, 13 and 675. Your hearing aids can run on one among these specific varieties of batteries, and your hearing care supplier can typically offer a little variety of batteries to get you started. Batteries use a uniform color coding system to assist makes sure you get the right type.

Size 10 = yellow package
Size 312 = brown package
Size 13   = orange package
Size 675 = blue package

Always carry spare batteries with you thus you’re ready for your day and may keep your hearing aids running without interruption. Also, as results of batteries are an ongoing purchase, ask your supplier regarding any battery clubs or order programs which will create battery purchases convenient and economical.


Replace your worn out receiver and get new receiver for the most effective hearing result. Receiver in ear hearing aids accessories provide exceptionally natural sound quality, and may be used with custom-made or customer ear molds, depending on your individual amplification desires. Most varieties of deafness are often assisted with RIE style hearing aids.

BITE Tube: 

The tubing hardens and become stiff. This will result in discomfort and potentially sore by flattening on the ear.

Ear Plug: 

Protect your hearing by selectingsafety gear for ears. Earplugs provide some protection, custom ear molds and earplugs provide most protection and a comfortable fit that’s designed specifically for your ears. They provide additional security in knowing that your ears have the most effective attainable protection against deafness.

Ear Molds:

Ear molds are available good style of sizes and types of hearing aid accessories. Some ear molds are solid, and a few are soft or spongy. The foremost popular designs are full shell and half Full shell ear molds are typically for high-level noise exposure, whereas half shell is for mid-level noise exposure. The type of ear mold your audiologist recommends can depend upon your individual desires and need advance hearing aid accessories supplier in pune.

Wax Guards: 

The infamous wax guard hearing accessory. It’s such a little, little, plastic, white trap that sits on the end of a hearing aid, and however it’s thus important. Ear wax serves an excellent purpose. It protects the skin within the ear canal, acts as a deterrent for dirt and bacteria, and assists in cleanup and lubricating the ear. Yet an excessive amount of a good thing can be detrimental, particularly when it prevents your hearing aids from operating properly.

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