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Phonak Hearing Aid dealer in pune: Company has been producing digital hearing aid and wireless technology since sixty years. It is brand of Sonova group based in Switzerland. Phonak Hearing Aid Company sets a benchmark in wireless hearing aid, children hearing aid solution and wireless accessories.

Phonak hearing aids, they invest heavily in analysis and development thus their hearing aid technology is amongst the most effective out there. This in conjunction with their notable build quality and wonderful client services suggests that we have a tendency offer Phonak we simply understand the results are attending to be smart. Speak to the many customers a year we have a tendency to offer Phonak to, they’ll make sure it!

Phonak Hearing Aid Product Line

Bolero B – out there as BTE (Behind The Ear)

The Bolero offers a customary BTE, Power BTE, small BTE and small Power BTE.

The Bolero comes in four technology levels B90, B70, B50, and B30. this can be presently Phonak’s most advanced BTE technology, it’s replaced the V90, 70, fifty and thirty models and offers a good alternative of colours.

Virto B – out there as:

ITE (In The Ear)

ITC (In The Canal)

CIC (Completely In Canal)

IIC (Invisible In Canal) – additionally named because the Virto B atomic number 22

The Virto B is offered in four technology levels, B90, B70, B50, and B30. The Phonak Belong vary has replaced the custom V90, 70, fifty and thirty models and additionally comes in an exceedingly style of colours.

Audeo B – out there as RIC (Receiver In Canal)

The Audeo B has half-dozen variations of RIC

Audeo B-13 – Wireless choice with a telecoil and a toggle volume management

Audeo B-312 – Cosmetic, wireless choice

Audeo B-312T – Cosmetic wireless choice with Telecoil

Audieo B-10 – terribly cosmetic wireless choice

Audeo B-R – reversible choice i.e. no ought to replace batteries!

Audeo B-Direct – The world’s 1st hearing aid to attach on to all flavors of Bluetooth mobile phone!

The Audio B offers four technology levels to suit totally different hearing wants, B90, B70, B50, and B30. The Phonak Audeo B is presently Phonak’s prime level of RIC technology and has replaced the previous Audio V vary. it’s variety of color choices to decide on from.

Naida V – out there as:

BTE (Behind The Ear)

RIC (Receiver In Canal)

The Phonak Naida V could be a vary of super power hearing aids designed for folks with a a lot of severe hearing impairment United Nations agency may have some further power. it’s out there in four technology levels, V90, V70, V50 and V30. It additionally offers a range of color choices. The Naida V is Phonak’s highest level of super hopped-up hearing aid technology and has directly replaced the Naida Q vary.

Phonak CROS B – (Contralateral Routing Of Signal). out there as:

BTE (Behind The Ear)

ITE (In The Ear)

The CROS system is meant for people who have an entire or unaidable loss of hearing in one ear. There ar 2 versions of this hearing aid; CROS – If you have got good hearing within the operating ear, and BICROS – If you furthermore may have a hearing impairment within the operating ear. A transmitter in your non-hearing ear can acquire the thousand from that facet and wirelessly send it to a tool within the hearing ear so you’ll be able to hear unremarkably.

Virto V, Virto Q

Audeo V, Audeo Q

Bolero V, Bolero Q

Naida Q vary

Phonak Hearing Aid Feature Advantage Benefits:
  • The Belong vary of hearing aids offers up to twenty Channels, looking on that model you select. every channel processes a variety of frequencies.
  • For people who suffer from symptom, a number of these models supply the new symptom Balance Sound Generator. This helps to alleviate the annoying symptoms by masking the sound.
  • Two a lot of of Phonak’s newest options ar adaptation Manager and Speech in Wind. These observe totally different aspects of your surroundings and alter mechanically.
  • There are a variety of options designed to stay out any noises or sounds that you simply don’t need to listen to that the ones you are doing are a lot of clearer. These embrace Whistle block, Echo block, Wind block, and Noise block. there’s additionally Ultra zoom, Stereo zoom, and Auto zoom that facilitate to reinforce the noise canceling and speech improvement.
  • Wireless – Keeping with today’s demand for wireless property, most Phonak hearing aids are compatible with their vary of wireless accessories. These permit you to attach to numerous everyday devices like televisions or mobile phones. inside this vary is that the DECT II, Com Pilot, TV Link, Remote Mice, and Pilot One.

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