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Oticon Hearing Aid Manufacturer Company and It was founded in 1904 by Hans Demant.It is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is second largest company in Oticon hearing aid manufacturing. Under the Lars Colin leadership started as new management style called as Spaghetti Organization in 1988 to 1998. Oticon hearing aid worldwide spread and branches in much country.

In 2016 Oticon hearing aid company launch internet connected hearing aid which is known as Oticon Opn 1,2,3. The researcher claims that Open sound navigator scan the environment sound 100 times per second for the analysis every sound individually.

Hearing loss occurs at any age and happens anybody from childhood to adult. If people sitting around you mumble and speak slowly but you cannot hear properly then you need hearing test. Go to your Audiologist for hearing test and take proper advice for hearing loss. Hearing Loss differ from vision loss.

Oticon Hearing Aid Product Line

  • Opn
  • Alta2
  • Nera2
  • Ria2
  • Dynamo
  • Sensei
Mature Product Line
  • Safari ,Dual,Acto,Agil,Hit,Amigo,Chilli,Intiga,Ino,Epoq,Vigo,Delta
  • Lexis,Syncro,Tego,Atlas,Swift,Go,GoPro,Gaia,Safran,Sumo,Sumo DM
Feature Advantage Benefits
  • Oticon Opn –It is useful to listen multiple speakers in noisy environment. Old hearing technology totally differ from this new Oticon Opn.
  • Oticon Opn is rechargeable unit and available in miniRITE units. There is no need to use extra batteries and charge the unit like mobile overnight for daily use.
  • It is available in tinnitus sound support system. Select variety of sound ,including ocean sounds that can be easily adjust as per your personnel requirement.
  • Oticon hearing aid pairs your smart phone easily.
  • Easy way for cleaning the hearing aid.
  • Control your hearing aids by adjusting volume and change programming.
  • It has ultra high processing performance.

Oticon Hearing Aid App is total control in your hand and you can adjust sound,programming simply on your mobile device.It can be connected with IFTTT channel for more information please call any time.

Receive help from our Audiologist for Hearing test, and purchase Oticon hearing aid accessories form our clinic with great offers and great service.

Oticon hearing aid prices visit our center with free hearing aid trial at your own environment.


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