Buy Best Hearing Aid On 0% Monthly EMI Scheme In Pune

buy best digital hearing aid on monthly emi scheme

Buy Best Hearing Aid On 0% Monthly EMI Scheme In Pune Blue Bell Plus Hearing Services is the oldest hearing aid center in Pimpri Chichwad & Pune.We are keep up-to-date latest technology and market trend. However we are offering you for buying best digital hearing aids on 0% EMI scheme in Pune. If you are thinking buy a best quality hearing aid is not just you investing your hearing, you are making an investment towards your quality of listening and enjoying every moment in life. Sometime we are not buy higher end hearing aid due to finance issue. Then you choose lower model and will not get satisfaction in speech clarity, crowdies situation. Now you don’t bother about the minimal features technology model and don’t compromise for selection. Now you can select as per your requirement without losing financial burden with best digital hearing aid on 0% EMI Scheme.

Financing Feature and Benefits| Buy Best Hearing Aid On 0% Monthly EMI Scheme In Pune 

Our flexible financing available for everyone. We have best finance offer interest free 8 months, 12 months through Bajaj finance services in Pune.

Loan Up to 4.5 Lakh

Hearing aid comes in medical equipment and costly product. So company has proposed plan for higher end digital Hearing aid with easy EMI method.

Fast Approval

The finance company gives you instant approval on phone just sending adhar and pan card. Fast online procedure through our clinic representative. You need to up to date your CIBIL score.

EMI Network Card

When you take any loan from company like in consumer goods then company will offer you EMI network card.This card just used for swap in clinic.

EMI Tenure

For buying best digital hearing aid on 0% EMI scheme then you have installment in 8 months and 12 months need to pay.

Buy Best Hearing Aid On 0% Monthly EMI Scheme In Pune

Foreclosure charges

When you received funding then you can foreclose 0% EMI scheme after paying first EMI.No charges for foreclosure.

Don’t wait for buying hearing aid for your parents or self. No compromise high feature models rest financial problem we handle it.

Call us for Best digital hearing aid on 0% scheme in Pune of any brand or any hearing aid style start from 12k.

Buy Best Hearing Aid On 0% Monthly EMI Scheme In Pune

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