Best Hearing Care Clinic In Pune

Blue Bell Plus hearing care clinic in Pune self-own Pushpa and Nandkishore. We are practicing 10+ years in Pune and helping people with hearing problems. Our mission is helping in 100000 hearing-impaired people in Pune and Maharashtra. We are focusing on the right practice of audiology and dispensing the right hearing aid to patients.

Best Hearing Care Clinic In Pune

In audiology, there are different services related to ear and speech problems. First, your problem to understand and give proper service or treatment as per requirement. In our hearing care clinic always customer first for us till satisfaction.

Hearing Diagnosis

We ask question first for a proper hearing diagnosis of the patient. Ask about any family history, medication, operation through the question. Then we can conduct Pure tone audiometry that is call a hearing test.

After hearing test, we will explain all hearing loss parameter and give the proper feedback and consultation. If require some operative or medication, then we recommend the best ENT clinic in city. It is Blue Bell Plus Hearing Care Clinic in Pune SOPs keep patient in mind.

Hearing Aids Technology and types

After hearing test screening and give information about the problem. We give the detail information of hearing aid technology and types. After the discussion then we give the hearing aid trial as per hearing loss.

As per the client requirement we suggest best option in hearing aid. Give them free trial in his environment that understand it is suitable or not.

Patient always gives us right feedback then we do the fine tuning according the problem. If patient happy then we finalize and never enforce him for buying.

We always believe in patient satisfaction in hearing care. A hearing aid is an electronic and healthcare product never buy online. It is hampering hearing aid service and programming. I have a suggestion for any hearing-impaired person to buy a hearing aid from an authorized hearing care clinic that is knowledgeable and pleasant in the fitting.

Hearing Aid Brands in market.

In hearing aid industry different brands and dispenser available. Like that Signia, Resound, Sonic, Oticon, Intetone,A&M,Audioservice,Alps and local brand.

Our hearing care clinic is multi brand outlet for helping hearing impaired people. As per my experience every brand is not perfect for everybody hearing loss. Our suggestion is that try two three and then choose as per your comfort feeling.

Best Hearing Aid For Child in hearing care clinic in Pune

For child profound hearing loss some companies are working. But in the market recommended for child profound hearing loss are Resound and Phonak.

This hearing aid has good results in children. If you suggested something other than you try first then finalize.

Popular Invisible Hearing Aid Fitting.

An invisible hearing aid is very smallest and fitted into the canal. Our hearing care clinic helps you to give the best custom-fit hearing aid. An invisible hearing aid needs your ear impression and then makes the mold as per your ear measurement.

IIC, ITC,CIC & ITE are the type of invisible hearing aid. This hearing aid covers hearing loss 60-70 DB perfectly. For profound hearing loss it is not suitable.

Rechargeable Hearing Aids In Hearing Care Clinic In Pune

Now the trending is rechargeable hearing aid technology. It is very helpful for saving the battery cost and never to bother for every time replacement of battery. 

Many brands like resound, Signia, Oticon, phonak has good rechargeable hearing aids. Blue bell plus hearing care clinic will give you best option in rechargeable hearing aid with good offers.In our hearing clinic in pune and pimprichinchwad always priority of our patient till satisfaction.

Home Visit for Hearing Test

We are giving home visit for elderly people. That will help your convenience for the patient and solve hearing problem. We are on mission for helping 10000 people for hearing impairement in our hearing care clinic in pune. Your are become part of our misson.

If you require any help regarding hearing issue please feel free call us in our hearing care clinic.

 Contact Number +918087400066

We are serving all over Pune and hearing care clinic in Pune and primprichinchwad. 

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