Audioservice Hearing Aid is a German Based Manufacture Company

Audio Service hearing aid founded in 1976 by Hoarst Peter.It is German based company and when it comes for reason of success typically based on three factors.

  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Innovative Capacity
  • Service

The audioservice hearing aid ensure that hearing system users have access to Audio Service hearing aid of the highest quality, company also focus constant development of product hierarchy and manufacturing process with use of semi modular technology. They produce in-the-ear, behind-the-ear and Audio service hearing aid most demand in the market.The company philosophy is that committed to supporting you with all your hearing need and comprehension need.Finally it is an electronic device and after sales service part is the most important factor in company.But this company always support client to provide best service in repair,Ear-Mold manufacturing with the timeline and fine quality.This year most popular hearing ITE and RIC has good features and very sleek in size.Our client has choosing device very easily because the finishing and best features included in that device.I am very happy when our Hearing Aid user gives the good feedback about theproduct with the satisfaction.

Audio Service Hearing Aid Type

  • ITE-Icon,Ida,Sina,Vega,Hype
  • BTE-XS,DUO,P G4,HP,Volta
  • RIC-Rixx,Mood,Sun G5,Sun Li-Ion,Sun,quiX,Volta
Feature Advantage Benefits of audio service
  • Audio service hearing aid is mother brand of Siemens Company.
  • Clarity of sound is very best.
  • Attractive design and smallest hearing aid available in higher range with cheapest price of any other brand in market.
  • The audio service hearing aid technology offers impressive performance and functional diversity every day.

Blue Bell Plus is authorized dealer & Audio Service hearing aid repair center for more information visits our center.Our Audiologist will help for right selection of hearing aid as per your hearing loss,your working style and budget.In Digital Hearing aid programming we do freely of our client and every six month provide free service of hearing aid check and send to the company service center for correct working  and cleaning.Being society we serve you better.


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