ANM Hearing Aid with sound clarity

ANM Hearing aid part of Siemens Company with Hundred years of experience in hearing aid manufacturing company. It offers great solution for hearing problem in India. The A&M Hearing Aid targeting low budget segment  in BTE (Behind the Ear),ITE and doing well maintain hearing aid quality and better service. The company main objective is that focus on well proven digital hearing aid that everybody can use easily with budget with great quality. 

Hearing Aid is an electronic and medical device which is fitted by the certified Audiologist.A&M Hearing machine has good features for overcome hearing loss and durability also very high with cheapest price. Early devices has passive amplification but now a day’s all companies are trying to give tiny hearing aid to patient with sound clarity and configure with correct Hearing Loss. It is programmable with a computer and adjusts environmental sound easily and noise reduction facility also available in ANM hearing aid with suits to the patient and complain in hearing aid is very less. Audiologists always explain three main type of Hearing Loss Sensorineural hearing loss, Conductive hearing loss and Mix hearing loss. As per your hearing loss professional fits hearing aid checking your life style and budget.

If you thinking buy hearing aid with quality and the best features need to checkpoints.

ANM Hearing Aid software & fitting

  • A& M  XTM P
  • A& M STF
The company has mobile ANM hearing aid software.It is very helpful for putting frequency of hearing loss in software. Then automatically adjust the audiogram for perfect hearing.

 Feature Advantage Benefits of ANM hearing aid Machine

  • ANM hearing aid most popular for Behind the ear.
  • Lowest prices available in hearing aid category.
  • It is helpful for senior citizen.
  • A& M XTM P is useful for 100db hearing loss.
  • Best noise management technology.
  • The A&M  XTM CIC and XTM ITC nearly invisible hearing aid.
  • It is easily worn in the ear and secure.
  • Most prominent feature is feedback prevention & Noise management.

For more information of A&M Hearing Aid center and prices visit our Blue Bell Plus Speech & Hearing Clinic

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