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This is also known as Attention deficit/Hyper Activity Disorder. I am giveing you information of adhd in very descriptive and detail for your help. In that condition brain affects person ability to pay attention in daily life. It is most common in schools. The children’s are not attentive in class. Blue Bell Plus is trying to cure the best ADHD treatment in Pune with the help of a Psychologist, Speech Pathologist, Occupational therapist, and Special Educator.

ADHD is a chronic disorder and affects the individual life.

What is ADHD treatment?

ADHD is nothing but the Attention deficit/hyperactive disorder.It is type of contition that affects child mental condition or behavioural issue.People with suffering ADHD not stable in one place and very hyper active.They have problem in attention and foucus on particular things.

In Adult ADHD sufferer not give full attention in school and studies. He is alos suffer in relationship and socialisation problems in family and others.This symptom start child stage and develope in adult stage if you are not take any treatment in child development milestone. It becomes very difficult to adhd treatemnt in pune specialist doctor for dignose.

The symptom of ADHD improvement done when age also increases.It is slow pace cure method.

ADHD Treatment Near Me

Child ADHD Treatment In Pune

In early stage dignose your child has ADHD symptom then it is possible to cure fast. There are different professional diagnose the
ADHD and suggest treatment. It is treated through medication and therapeutic techniques. There is two methods of treatment for child ADHD treatment in Pune.

What are 3 ways to treat ADHD?

Attention deficit/hyperactive disorder (ADHD) treatment in Pune discusses below in three ways.

Medication Treatment

This is suggested by your pediatrician for brain stimuli medication as per the diagnosis of ADHD. But first, you consult neurophysin for the report analysis in percentage. Then the actual dose is planned by the child specialist.

Therapy Treatment

If you start medication treatment taking then threapy treatment require for child for daily life cope up. 

  1. Phychologist will help you for the behavior improvement.
  2. A speech Therapist will help you for improving communication problems.
  3. An occupational therapist will help you improve your cognitive, sensory, and motor skills.
  4. Special educators help you with learning disabilities.

Other Treatment Method

Diet Planning

ADHD patients should eat a balanced, healthy diet. Before medical advice, do not eliminate foods.

There may be a correlation between food choices and ADHD symptoms. Keep always to take rich food and take help of dietician for best nutirion diet suggestion. It will help you for energy and activity.

Suggest Supplement

Although some studies suggest that supplementation with omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids could be beneficial to people with ADHD, the evidence is limited.

Talk to your doctor before you start using supplements. Some can interact with medicines in unpredictable ways or make them less effective.

It is important to remember that certain supplements shouldn’t be taken for long periods of time as they can cause harm.

How can I control my ADHD without medication? Add Your Heading Text Here

Always positive vibe impact your life. If you are living with stress then it will be affecting others meaning family. In human life problem never ends. 

ADHD is a mental disorder and a change in behavior patterns. First when the handler is patient and keeps positive thinking.

10 Strategies Natural Treatment For ADHD Add Your Heading Text Here

1.Meditation for ADHD

It will help with motivation and self-regulation, emotional control, and positivity.

2.Nerophysian Report And Feedback

Take a report for analysis what is the percentage of ADHD/Autism. During a session, the patient dons an electrode-lined cap and is asked to perform a complex cognitive task.

3.Green Effect

Especially for children, it will help you for attention. Playing in the garden, clay-making activities in green, and walking in the park will help for attention and improve efficiency.

4.Train the brain programme

Nowadays more demand for this activity. They all are available on smartphones and on the internet. It will help you improve memory, attention, and impulsivity.


5. Daily Exercise

This will help your endorphin hormone secretion and control mood swings. Exercise also increases the brain’s levels of dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin, which increases focus and attention.


6. Iron, Zinc, and Vitamins C and B6 for ADHD

It will help for improving Neuro transmisson.Vitamin C is a building block of neurotransmitters, while iron and vitamin B6 increase dopamine levels. Zinc regulates dopamine, and may help treat ADHD

7. Omega 3 Fatty Acid

Our body can not make this acid. It very plays an important role in brain and nerve cells. Before buying ask your pediatrician.


8. Sleep Schedule

Make schedule for sleep for brain relief.


9. Fix Your Nutriton deficiency

In a 2016 study on patients with ADHD aged 6 to 16 years, “72% of the children were found to be deficient in magnesium and there was a significant correlation between hair magnesium, total IQ, and hyperactivity


10. Socialization

In a 2016 study on patients with ADHD aged 6 to 16 years, “72% of the children were found to be deficient in magnesium and there was a significant correlation between hair magnesium, total IQ, and hyperactivity

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Attention Problem in Adhd treatment

In ADHD disorder person is not concentrating and has unrelated thought in mind. He loose listening skill, focus, and sustaining attention. He has difficulty in planning organizing and completing tasks. The person has challenges in life for learning new things and poor self-regulation behavior.


The person becomes very hyper e.g squirming on the seat, roaming around, trapping pencil, and touching everything. He or she appears restless.


Hitting people when he is upset or frustrated.It means difficult thinking before acting.

How is cure ADHD treatment in Pune ?

ADHD treatment in Pune is done by the pediatric doctor, with the help of family and other professionals

  • Speech Pathologist
  • Special Educator
  • Psychologist

Role of Speech Pathologist in ADHD treatment in Pune

  • Observe the interaction with the peers and classroom behavior for the assessment.
  • Check the family history for analysis.
  • Interview parent for speech development issues.
  • Evaluation of fluency (Whether or not a stuttering issue), Pronunciations, and clarity of speech called as an articulation of speech, phonemic awareness.
  • Evaluation of retell story, centering on topic and events.
  • Assess social communication skills.

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Blue Bell Plus always helps children who suffer from ADHD disorder and improves many children. We are researching and using the right technique and guidance for parents.It is the best ADHD treatment in Pune.


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