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ADHD treatment in pune

Adhd Treatment in pune

ADHD is nothing but Attention deficit/Hyper Activity Disorder. In that condition brain affects person ability to pay attention in daily life. It is most common in schools. The children’s are not attentive in class. Blue Bell Plus is trying to cure best ADHD treatment in Pune with the help of Psychologist, Speech Pathologist, Occupational therapist and Special Educator.

ADHD is chronic disorder and affects the individual life.

Attention Problem in Adhd treatment

In ADHD disorder person is not concentrating and has unrelated thought in mind. He loose listening skill, focus and sustaining attention. He has difficulty in planning organizing and completing task. The person has challenges in life for learn new things and poor self regulation behavior.


The person become very hyper e.g squirming seat, roaming around, trapping pencil and touching everything.He or she appears restless.


Hitting people when he is upset or frustrate .It means difficult thinking before acting.

How is ADHD treatment in Pune ?

ADHD treatment in Pune done by the pediatric doctor, with the help from family and other professionals

  • Speech Pathologist
  • Special Educator
  • Psychologist


Role of Speech Pathologist in ADHD treatment in Pune

  • Observe the interaction with the peers and classroom behavior for the assessment.
  • Check the family history for the analysis.
  • Interview parent for the speech development issues.
  • Evaluation of fluency (Whether or not stuttering issue), Pronunciations and clarity of speech called as articulation of speech, phonemic awareness.
  • Evaluation of retell story, centering on topic and events.
  • Assess social communication skill.

Blue Bell Plus always help for children who suffers in ADHD disorder and improves many children. We are research and use right technique and guidance for parent .It is best ADHD treatment center in Pune.

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