ऐकु कमी येण्याची समस्या व मुलांना Speech Therapy
द्वारे बोलके करा( autism/ADHD/Stammering/Speech Delay Treatment)

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    Hearing loss treatment in pune| Audiologist in Pune

    Hearing Test

    Pure tone audiometry test for hearing probelm.

    hearing aid selection

    Digital Hearing Aid

    Best wholesale supplier of advance digital hearing aid.



    Best solution for ringing in ear problem tinnitus.


    Child Hearing Aid

    Best dignostic treatment for child and hearing aid devices.

    speech therapist

    Speech Therapy

    Best speech therapy treatment for child of age 2 to 5 years.


    Occupational Therapy

    Best occupational theapy for child in pune.


    Autism Treatment

    Best solution for ringing in ear problem tinnitus.

    occupational therapy

    Child Development

    Complete childcare facility available in one roof.

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    About Us

    We do Hearing Aid In Pune Fitting And Complete Child Care Solution

    Blue Bell Plus Hearing aid and speech therapy care largest growing clinic in Pune. We are best wholesaler in digital hearing aid in pune and accessories. We ahve price match guarantee and best hearing aid cost in market.

    All custom fit hearing aid in pune like CIC,ITC,ITE and rechargeable hearing aid fitting with done from in our clinic.

    In child development we do speech threapy treatment,occupational therapy treatment,autism treatment,group therapy,speech delay,articulation problem.

    Our audiologist,speech therapist and occupational therapist well train and expert in all treatment. We are working in this industry since 10 years and good reputation of service in market.

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    Why Choose Us-Blue Bell Plus Hearing Aid In Pune And Speech Therapy For Kids

    We are on a mission for helping people with hearing problems and speech disorders in an adult. Blue Bell Plus hearing and speech care is rehabilitation plateform for everybody in Pune. We follows all ethiscs and integrity with superior service our patient. We have compitative pricing and service for you.

    Home Visit

    Get homevisit for senior citizen and hearing aid trial at your comfort place. Our audiologist visit your place and give you trial as per your hearing loss and requirement.

    Save Money

    Blue Bell Plus Hearing Aid Care Services Pune offers you money saving offer on your purchase. We believe in customer satisfaction and good saving money benefit to our patients.

    EMI Scheme

    On digital hearing aid  of any brands affordable EMI scheme available for minimum installment scheme. It is totally intreast free scheme for hearing aid category.

    7-Days Free Trial

    Hearing aid is an electronic device and it is complete for your hearing solution. Sometime it is very difficult to choose then we can give free trial at your comfort.

    All Brands Available

    We are dealing in all hearing aid brands in India.Signia,Oticon,Resound,Phonak,Widex and more for the user experiance and satisfaction of patient.

    Customer Focus

    Blue Bell Plus is always belives in good customer service and support. Hearing aid requires more support and our hearing expert always support you for better experiance.

    Choose Your Hearing Aid Types



    On Google out of 4.5/5 rating and read more success story of our client in our hearing care services.

    Ishita Malhotra
    HR Manager, Accenture

    Blue Bell Plus Hearing aid in pune and speech therapy clinic is well reputed clinic in pune. I am very happy about my mother hearing treatment and highly recommanded.


    Testimonial Blue Bell Plus
    Reema Joseph
    Nutrition Expert, Food Villa

    My father has suffered from a hearing problem for five years and I am worried about the good device. But I visited the Blue Bell Plus Hearing aid clinic and was happy about the service.


    Ramesh Singhla
    Fitness Instructor

    I have mild hearing loss and difficulty in listening in group or ladies voice. I heard about online about Blue Bell and visit clinic.Really appreciated for invisiblie hearing aid device.


    Priya Kulkarni
    Software Developer

    I am very happy about the blue bell plus child development for my child’s speech therapy.Well train and experienced staff for your child care.Highly recommanded for child development.

    Frequently Ask Question

    In Blue Bell Plus Hearing Aid will get good assortment in hearing aid. In our clinic for adult basic hearing aid price start from 8490 to 300k. But our hearing aid consultant audiologist will give good price offer in types of hearing aid. So dont worry about the price use best digital hearing aid under our guideline.

    Audiologist doctor is a solution providedr and It does not require any prescription. First your pure tone audiometry necessary of buying hearing aid. RCI certified professional would be the right person for hearing aid fitting.

    Digital hearing aid cost in pune start from Rs 14000 to 300000. But it depends on your hearing loss,budegt and lifestyle. In basic digital hearing aid you did not sound clarity properly. First you try any ear machine then go for hearing aid cost in pune.

    A hearing aid is an electronic device and you need to take care of hearing aids long lasting. Any hearing aid life is 4 to 5 years. But some patients using upto 10 years.It purely depend on your hearing aid consultant guidance and your taking care of machine.

    Audiogram test report for understanding of hearing loss. Mainly three hearing loss is there sensoryneural hearing loss,condutive hearing loss and mix hearing loss. In audiological clinic hearing test charges from Rs 500 to Rs 1200.

    Hearing aid brands in India are Signia,Resound,Oticon,Sonics,Widex,Starkey,Phonak. It is all imported devices and best brand differs only on service and your hearing consultant treatment.

    Speech delay is comman problem in child after covid sitiuation, Child is not more social and loving gadget like mobile. This device increases hyper activity in child and facing problem like speech disorder. Ideal speech developmental age till 2 years. If your child is not speak well then you start speech therapy for child in pune.

    If you start early then speech therapist help for your child communication improvement. Enables your child to speak others and improve socialization. Child are more hyperactive at 2 years then helps for attention and sitting efficiancy. Helps for child self esteem and independant for further development.

    Occupational therapist helps for schooling,fine motor skills,disability,adhd or autism,sitting and attention of child.Improve independancy of child for self preparation.

    Autism is comman problem in child now days. For treatment speech therapist,psycholoist and occupational therapist helps for specially able child. They will helps for achileve developmental milestopment with therapy treatment and helps to normal living.

    Yes, Bluetooth hearing aid are better than traditional hearing aid. It is easily connected to your mobile phone and helps to enjoy streaming and hands free calling.

    Invisible hearing aid in pune is very small hearing aid. Completely In Canal -CIC hearing aid,In the canal (ITC) hearing aid,In the ear (ITE) Hearing Aid.IIC and CIC is very smallest and micro hearing aid that is completely invisibile for others. But it has limitation of wearing that is it covers only mild to moderate hearing loss upto 60DB. It is preferable for young age people or those who doest not show hearing aid wearer.


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    Blue Bell Plus is the largest and fastest growing clinic in Pune and helping people in hearing problem,hearing aid fitting,speech delay in child,occupational therapy,autism treatment,complete child care development.

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